Review of extra flat fake watches Cartier Drive watch

Cartier originally released the "Drive de Cartier" watch collection several years ago in 2015 as a new "family" of watches within the largest umbrella of the Paris luxury brand. Like most Cartier watch collections, Drive is available in a wide range of models, including the elegant "Extra-Flat" two-handed model and the Drive Tourbillon Drive. As a watch collector, my replica watches Cartier interest tends to involve more complicated watches or designs, but I think many of us have a weakness in our heart for elegant and eye-catching watches, which describe this Extra-Flat Drive quite well.

Originally released only in 18-carat pink or white gold, Cartier now offers Extra-Flat Steel Drive (CRWSNM0011) and 18k yellow gold (CRWGNM0011) for 2018. This is great news for those who want the appeal of a Cartier dress watch, which does not come in a standard round case, and which does not even have the price premium associated with it. To put things in perspective, the steel version of Drive Extra Flat is about one third of the cost of a version with a gold case. It also happens to look almost identical to the 18k white gold version of the Extra-Flat Drive that was released in a limited edition.

Apart from a precious metal case, the only other small "missing" detail in the steel version of Drive Extra-Flat is the blue cabochon material in the crown. Cartier uses synthetic sapphire for the blue cabochon on gold Drive models, and the steel versions take a blue spinel cabochon. Also in this case, for the cost savings, I don't think that most consumers will think and the Extra-Flat Steel Drive looks like a bargain even if it obviously comes with Cartier brand prices that make its products be definitely "luxury" in their pricing strategies.

How much is the "extra-flat" dish? With its manual winding mechanical movement, the Drive Extra-Flat watch has a thickness of only 6.6 mm, 39 mm of width and a distance from lug to lug of 44 mm. This makes the experience of wearing a discreet but visible wrist, and is also comfortable thanks to the enveloping loops. To put the dimension into perspective, the "standard" Drive De Cartier watch with time, the subsidiary seconds dial, the date and an automatic fake watches Cartier movement done in-house is 11.25 mm thick and 41 mm wide. Both are comfortable and really wearable, but in my opinion Drive works best in this "Extra-Flat" two-handed and minimized version.

The pillow-style case puts the unit among the many non-round cash forms that Cartier does well. The brand has always been one of the few watchmakers able to successfully exit the round case paradigm on which most watches fall. Square, rectangular and even "fused" (Cartier Crash) are all shapes that Cartier not only tried to make for its wide range of watch models, but also made it very well. Cartier has and will continue to use the Drive case form for both affordable and high-end watches, but for now it seems to remain stuck at around $ 16,000 and below the price for Drive models. In general, the brand has tried to attract lovers of younger and newer luxury men's watches by creating irresistible and timeless looks that do not resemble any of the competition. In addition to investing time in the design of attractive and comfortable watch cases, Cartier clearly does an admirable job making the watch cases recognizable from a distance, which certainly adds to the appeal of the brand because the wearers are "recognized" for wear a Cartier.